Anthem for the People’s Tomorrow

Anthem for the People’s Tomorrow was the title of the graduation exhibition at the Piet Zwart Institute in 2011. For the presentation, I collected some poetry from everyday objects or observations, and presented it in different formats; a painting of a blown-up raffle ticket, a laser print of a line drawn by a falling leaf, a lunch box filled with rain water, a circular, worn-off trouser hem, and a short text called A Watch and a Cheese Sandwich, that was later published inside 2HB, published by the CAC in Glasgow, in 2012.

At the time I was mostly interested in working with things I found on my way, that came to me so to say, the way rain falls to the earth. If at that time, you’d ask me, how do I make work, I would tell you I’d walk around town until I would accidentally stumble over something, get up, wipe the dust from my knees, and look back at the work that was there. Many of these pieces are about the poetic and existential qualities of everyday objects, f.e. about the relationship between clock hands and human hands, about lunch boxes, dutch culture and climate, about traces left behind while living, walking, existing and falling.