Chris, the Dreaming Museum Guard

Chris, the Dreaming Museum Guard, is a sculpture and a short story, that was produced for the musée légitime, a collection of artworks inside the hat of Martín La Roche. Chris is inspired by Guatemala worry dolls. Traditionally, you use a worry doll by telling it your sorrows, fears and worries, then hide it under your pillow during the night. The next morning, it is said that all sorrows have been taken away. Whenever the museum is open, Martín will tell about the pieces, and when asked about Chris, Martín will tell you about Chris and his dreams. Although every new telling will be slightly different, the story Martín tells you is based on a short story or script I wrote. Here’s an excerpt:

Over the years Chris changed the line up of his team, he would rotate players and bring in new talent, and this is how in 2005 he first put a young Lionel Messi on his team sheet. Over the years Messi became such a good player that Chris didn’t need the rest of the team anymore. He would just need him, Lionel Messi to fall asleep. Chris didn’t even need a soccer pitch or a soccer ball anymore, just Messi was enough. Chris could just close his eyes and Messi would be there, sliding into his bed.

Read the whole story here.