If you do know that “here is one hand”…

If you do know that “here is one hand”… was an exhibition at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius in 2010. It was curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas, among its participants were Gintaras Didziapetris, Jennifer Teets, Aaron Schuster, Raimundas Malasauskas and Jason Dodge.

I contributed a bottle of ocean water to the exhibition, that had the sea as its content, thus resolving the difference between outside and inside, and container and context.

Here’s some Wittgenstein text from the press info:

‘If you do know that here is one hand, we’ll grant you all the rest’ – those are the opening words of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s On Certainty; a book that only existed in the form of personal notes in the author’s notebook while he was alive. Wittgenstein borrows the ‘hand’ from George Edward Moore’s (1873-1958) text A Defence of Common Sense (1925), in which the latter argues that if he has hands, ‘an external world’ is bound to exist.

In his defence of common sense, Moore had employed a series of performative actions. First of all, he lifted his right hand and said: ‘Here is one hand’. Then he lifted his left hand and said: ‘And here is another’. With the third utterance he confirmed what did not appear evident to the sceptics: ‘Thus, at least two hands exist in the external world, and therefore I know that an external world exists’. Yet Ludwig Wittgenstein prompted one to doubt this logic. Referring to the fact that nobody had ever seen their brain, he turned that statement into a question: ‘do I know that I have a brain?’.


You can find some more info on the show here.