Kraut is a series of one day duo-exhibitions in public space in Luzern (CH). I took part in 2018, together with Anna Margrit Annen to show some minimal pieces at Reussinsel, a little patch of green space, next to the river.
For the show I brought a couple of pieces, that were all, in a way, very sad. There is a roll of tape giving all it got, an orange lost in a non-orange tree, a river stone, brought to land that can’t breath, and words that can be read from two sides, but are still unintelligible. There was also a short story about a drowning actor, based on a news article I once read.

Once, a famous actor and a famous actress went swimming in a river. There were many people around and everybody knew these famous actors.
At one point the actress started screaming that the actor was drowning. All the bystanders thought the actress and the actor were acting. They thought the actor was doing an amazing job acting like he was drowning, and the actress was doing an amazing job acting like she was screaming.
The actress however was not acting and neither was the actor. The actor was found, four hours later, and several hundred meters downstream, dead. And very real.

Find out a bit more about the festival on Kraut.li