More or less, a few pocket universes

More or less, a few pocket universes, was a group exhibition at HIAP, Helsinki (FI) in 2011. It was curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas and based on the idea of drawing the spectators of the show into constructing their own universes within the exhibition space.

I contributed two pieces to the show, one was Words Things Words, a collection of objects that function both as objects and as symbols for words, and a pair of bundled socks in the colors of the earth (green and blue), or in other words as a container for walking. For the accompanying publication I contributed an artist’s joke.

Here is some more info taken from the official press release:

More or less, the first part of the exhibition’s title, points to correlations between parts and the whole, between singular signs or characters, and the phrase they constitute… Valentinas Klimašauskas’ curatorial concept uses the notion of a “phrase universe” as a starting point. The French philosopher, Jean-François Lyotard created this notion to capture the way in which a phrase presents an entire universe of possibilities. Phrases can carry meanings and yet be indeterminate. A phrase is a transfer of information of any sort, so it may be an abstract form of speech or piece of writing, but it may also be an exclamation, a cry of an animal, a shape, an artwork – indeed, anything that tells a story.

Among the artists taking part in the show were Chris Fitzpatrick, Gintaras Didžiapetris, Jason Dodge, Michael Portnoy, Karl Larsson, and Ola Vasiljeva.