No Space for a Piano

No Space for a Piano was a collaborative exhibition with Mathijs van Geest and Mikko Kuorinki at Peach, Rotterdam, 2017.

For the exhibition I showed a series of copic drawings I was working on at the time, that I made by using stencils to make the shapes of the vegetables identical. This repetition, or sameness was echoed in some dark haiku-like poems that I presented and that speak of a sense of meaninglessness or being stuck, like breathing air that has been breath out for example. These pieces were shown alongside some minimal and often comical works by Mikko and Matthijs, among them was some mayonnaise stuck in the snout of a glass teapot, or a painstakingly hand sanded flight of steps.

The poems in the show were later included in a poetry collection I published with the Happy Potato Press.

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