Post-head Sculptures

After having spend a good amount of 2013 mostly writing, which culminated in an exhibition at LEO XIII in Tilburg in early 2014, I desperately felt the need to spend more time with my hands than with my head after returning to Berlin. Over a couple of months I made several sculptures. Among them were some chopsticks with nail-polish painted tips, bathroom sinks cast in concrete setting suns, and the hairs of a cactus that were left over after shaving a cactus, which was an hommage to Ger van Elk, who passed away at the time, and who shaved a cactus in 1970. (See: the well shaven cactus).

A few exceptions aside, most of these sculptures never made it beyond my tumblr blog or were destroyed shortly after completion, but at least, all of them made it out of my head.