Reading On Kawara

Reading On Kawara is a Xerox copy of a library card that belongs to the book On Kawara – Continuity/ discontinuity from the Willem de Kooning Academy library, Rotterdam.

Over a period of a couple of years I made a photocopy of this particular library card. Sometimes people had borrowed the book and I found that some dates were added and sometimes there were not, but I always made a copy nevertheless. In total I made five or six of these, until one day, I arrived at library and found that the card had disappeared from the book.
On that day, I made a Xerox copy of the absent library card, which resulted in an all black page and as such marked the end of the project.

One of these pieces is in the collection of the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Dunkirk and has been shown on several occasions, mostly accompanied by some works of On Kawara himself.