To those who own the moon...

Dear T and dear T and dear T and dear J.

I'm happy the moon finally made it out of it's wrappings and onto the wall. So I imagine.

Here are some thoughts about the moon, some thoughts I had while making it, and which I believe are still there, somewhere between the charcoal and the craters and the black dust. Perhaps by sharing them, you find another way of looking at the drawing, another side of the moon.

Thoughts are circular. A good thought goes round and round and round, and slowly amasses a vehicle around it. Carts, Bikes, Cars, brains, human beings, movements, communities, worlds.

There are ways of drawing perfect round circles, just by hand, their diameter more or less measures the distance from the finger tip on ones right hand to the finger tip on ones left hand. You can find some examples on Youtube. It's quite a nice trick. When you look at this circle, you also know that the human head is always more or less in the middle of it. It's at the centre of the radius and at the centre of this thought.

However, to draw a perfect circle smaller or bigger, by hand, in one movement, is more or less impossible. I believe it was Raphael, who knew a thing or two about drawing, who said that drawing a perfect circle was the most difficult thing he ever drew. Not hands, not faces, not perspectives, just a circle.

The circles I draw are never round. That is to say, they are never perfect. There is of course a sadness in this. Knowing I fall short. Knowing I will never reach perfection. But this lack of perfection is for me a much more accurate reflection of the way things are. The world isn't perfect is it?

When we draw, we always draw shadows. A drawing of pure light would be just a blank piece of paper. (Everyone of us has made one...) - So to draw light, to make light visible, we need shadows. Just as much as we need bumps in our circles to make us aware of perfection.

In the universe, if there is one entity which embodies this shadow side of live, it is the moon. The moon is the night, that which draws the light of the day by contrast. And which I drew with charcoal on paper. Charcoal is made from burned trees. They are the ashes of life.

These are all thoughts I had back in 2008. Thoughts which I hoped would help me to understand myself, life and the world I was living in a bit better. Thoughts are just like circles never perfect. Circular perhaps. But not perfect. I imagine you are looking at them at the moment. Looking at these moon thoughts of mine, now, there in T.

I will just add one more thought to your evening. If the moon, embodies the shadow side of life, if it represents the dark pigments which draw the universe. Then it also draws you a little bit. You and your dinner party, the food on your table. The smiles on each others faces. Perhaps some food stuck between some teeth. In any case. I hope it draws you T and you T and you T and you J, I hope it draws you all very alive, alive, alive and alive.


Amsterdam, 2016