Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up was an exhibition at project space Non+Ultra, Cluj (RO). The starting point for the exhibition was a series of drawings of eggs, that were presented as prints, murals, a booklet and a short story. These drawings were later combined into a poster, that I published with the Happy Potato Press.

Like all eggs, Edward can become anything. And like all eggs, Edward has no idea what he will become. At school, Edward and the other eggs often dream about being professional football players. Edward loves playing football. It’s something he could do the rest of his life. Becoming a professional football player is however only possible for very few eggs. That is why Edward has to go to school to learn about Christopher Columbus and about shakshuka and about battery farming. He learns things for a life he doesn’t really want to live. Who cares about shakshuka if you can hit the ball in the top right corner with your left foot?

You can read the whole booklet, that includes a couple more drawings here.