The Name of the Sun is Yellow

The Name of the Sun is Yellow is not only the name of this website, but also a collection of short stories I published with Rollo Press in 2016. The stories are mostly poetic reflections on topics that range from church bells and garbage bins to cowboys and the colour of happiness. Although not the first publication I ever made, this book was the first book that was properly distributed (thanks @ideabooksnl), and still feels like the springboard to all the writing I have done since. Here is a story called the I and the U:


The I and the U are best friends. Most of the time.
Sometimes the I is without the U. Not often though. But it happens.

When the U is not there, the I thinks of it all the time. The I is pretty sad without the U. Being without the U, makes the I turn into an O.

O.O.O the I sighs more then once.

There are, however, moments when the I cannot stand the U. When the U says something harsh about the I for example. Or when the U doesn’t come home for days and hangs out with other I’s and U’s all night long.

Where have U been? The I asks the U when it comes home yet again in the early morning, tired and drunk and smelling like cigarettes. This pisses the U off. This questioning of the I is one of the reasons the U sometimes needs to leave the I in the first place. One of its favourite replies is that’s none of your business, or what do U care?

This makes the I even more sad. It doesn’t really know how to react when the U is like that. All wound up and such. Mostly the I just turns silent and looks to the ground and with red eyes it babbles something hardly audible. Like U and Love and I and But, don’t U know?


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