Wardrobe of Words

Wardrobe of Words was a text I wrote as a preface to Dongyoung Lee’s book English (100 Indexes). This book is a collection of tables of contents of English student-teachers books. (e.g. ‘Speaking English Like an American’, ‘English grammar for dummies’…) and is part of a forthcoming series.

In the text I compare words with pieces of clothing, and the way one dresses with the words one wants to express him or her self, or in other means, what one wants to say. To further develop this idea, I created a vocabulary of clothes, where each piece of clothing resembles one word in the text. This vocabulary of images was then used to make a video version of the text, that was shown at the launch of the book at Page not Found in the Hague, in July 2018.

Clothes are like words—you need to put the right ones together to say what you want to say. 
I stand in front of my wardrobe wondering what it is I want to say today. I look at the sky. The sky is clear. The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful day. I should probably say something light. Something colourful. I look into my wardrobe and consider my clothes.